Shorter holiday shopping season sparks customer rush

There are 26 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2013, compared to 32 last year. That prompts risks and favorable circumstances for one Pine Belt mall manager.

"You've got a short window of time to shop and get it all done this year, so, anytime's a good time and hopefully I'll get in there without too much of a rush," said Bill McMullen.

"A lot of stores will be opening up at 8 o'clock on Thanksgiving night; staying open all night long."

One JC Penny store manager says it is unclear whether the short season will affect revenue, but that her team is excited about the late shopping hours.

"We're looking forward to doing better in an economy that was going down, so we are looking forward to having things go in a great way," Bridie Williams said.

"Our team is really positive, our team is excited about coming in on Thanksgiving night and they are ready to help the customer and do big sales."

One Pine Belt teacher says fewer shopping hours means less opportunity to purchase gifts for her loved ones.

"Being a schoolteacher, we only have so many days off from school and I try to get all my Christmas shopping done on those days off, so I'll be rushing around like everybody else," Ali Blackledge said.