WDAM Viewpoint- Drug task force funding

A deep cut in Drug Task Force funding is the subject of today's Viewpoint. As Mike McDaniel reported, the grant money that has funded drug task forces around the state is being cut from $5 million to only $1.9 million.

These funds are spent to fight the battle of illegal drugs by supporting those on the front lines of our city, county and state law enforcement agencies. In some rural areas law enforcement may be forced to drop from the task for all together.

My concern is the message we are sending those involved in illegal drugs. In fact, we are telling them that Mississippi is open for more illegal drug business.

Governor Phil Bryant intends to make public safety a critical issue in the upcoming legislative session. I encourage you to support this issue and tell our legislature to make this a priority and work on a solution to fully fund our drug task force.

This is today's Viewpoint.