Pine Belt Tough highlights disaster management

Pine Belt Tough resumes highlighting the efforts of disaster management during a plane crash simulation at the Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport.

All manner of first responders put themselves in harms way to save lives. The airport's fire department and administrators, volunteer fire departments, Jones County Deputies and EMA officials, as well as numerous ambulance and paramedic crews responded to the crash exercise including Baptist Life-Flight.

When a crippled aircraft radio's in to the airport for help the airport's fire department scrambles all the support agencies. If the aircraft doesn't land safely the fire response rushes to the scene to suppress the flames allowing anyone alive to get out. They then take account of the wounded and dead.

Emergency Management Agencies set up a triage site away from the primary scene to coordinate resources and manpower. Paramedics evaluate the crash victims condition and begin to treat them.

Medivac units like Life-Flight fly in to evacuate the most traumatic injuries to hospitals via helicopter.

All these first response agencies have to work seamlessly to diffuse deadly situations. They risk life and limb to save the scared and wounded. In our book that makes first responders and disaster management Pine Belt Tough.