Where Are They Now? Whitney Miller

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Since winning MasterChef in 2010, first U.S. season one winner and Poplarville native, Whitney Miller has been living her dream.

"Life after MasterChef has been a wild ride to say the least," said Miller. "Immediately after winning I had four months to write my very first cookbook and for someone that grew up cooking without measuring that was quite a test."

Miller has not only published her own cookbook, but has also traveled around the world.

"I've been to Dubai, China, Malaysia, and South Africa," said Miller. "I"ve been all the way from California to Chicago, Florida, New York, Maine, I mean all over. I feel like I've hit almost every state."

While traveling, Miller uses her gift to help nonprofit organizations.

"There's two in particular one is the disease my dad has which is myasthenia gravis," said Miller. "I actually use the cooking skills that I have to help people who have this type of disease. I help create recipes with low salt and low sugar and then Limbs International is the other and they make prosthetic limbs for amputees around the world."

During her senior year at the University of Southern Mississippi, the nutrition major realized her passion was to be in a kitchen setting. It was then that she came across an opportunity.

"I found out online there was auditions for casting in New Orleans for MasterChef," said Miller. 

One of Miller's most stressful moments in the show was during the finale when she dropped her chicken. With only seven minutes left, she attempted to cook another piece of chicken.

"Gordon Ramsay was about to cut into it and he said 'I'm going to cut into the thickest part' and my heart just dropped," said Miller. "He cut into it and he showed it to me and it was perfectly cooked."

As Miller refers to it, "the miracle chicken", was part of her victory, a victory that all began with her role model, her grandmother.

"I would look to her for inspiration and I would see how food made people feel comforted and welcomed and I wanted to make people feel the same way that she did through food," said Miller. 

Overall it's been a busy three years for Miller, she plans to come out with another cookbook and travel some more.

"Two-thousand fourteen holds a lot for me," said Miller. "I'm already going to two different places, I'm going back to China to do another food promotion and then I'm going to South Africa in June and I'm doing a culinary tour."

While traveling may be a part of her life, Miller always looks forward to coming back home to Mississippi.

"I have traveled all over the world and I always want to come back home," said Miller. 

Aside from traveling, Miller also writes for several magazines and even gives away some of her family recipes.

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