Petal mayor: Contract with Hub City done deal, right choice made

Supporters of the Southern Pines Animal Shelter joined board vice president James Moore at the Petal Board of Aldermen meeting Tuesday night to address the recent board decision not to renew their long standing intake contract between the two for surrendered and stray animals.

At the last board meeting a vote was taken to sign a similar contract with the Hub City Humane Society. The decision was based on concerns presented to them by the cities animal warden about alleged sub-standard procedures and conditions at the shelter.

During his presentation Moore outlined the substantial improvements that have taken place since new management took over three-years ago. He disputed the wardens allegations and called the boards decision hasty without them having visited either of the facilities before making a decision.

"I'd like the people of Petal to do one thing visit both facilities,"said Moore. "I'd like the aldermen and the mayor to visit both facilities. Don't go as an elected official, but as an individual. Then you can conclude for yourself  where the animals would have a better chance to find a home and get the better care."

At the end of Moore's presentation, Mayor Hal Marx thanked him, but neither he nor any of the aldermen had anything to say. After the meeting Mayor Marx said Hub City was the right choice for Petal.

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