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Rabbit TV: Does it Work?

The "Rabbit TV" promises that by plugging in a simple USB device you can watch TV for free. It is supposed to allow you to get 25,000 free movies, over 5,000 Internet TV channels, and 50,000 radio stations all for free. But does it work?

The "Rabbit TV" is easy to install - you plug the USB drive into your computer and follow the systems loading instructions. Once installed, you will have to create an account and sign in. Immediately it tries to get you to buy additional years of service. We skipped that step.

Then we got a virus warning from the anti-virus software. We cannot say for sure if "Rabbit TV" caused that, but it was a red flag.

Once we were logged in and got used to how the system worked (which took a while), we looked to see what was available. There are some old TV shows and some new ones, under the movie tab there are new releases, but you have to pay for the most recent ones.

There are a ton of movies though. They are broken down intro genres. You can even watch your favorite network TV shows and some sporting events, as well as listen to hundreds of radio stations.

So for our testing purposes, as long as you have good high speed Internet access, we give it a maybe - depending on the types of content you're looking for.

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