Forrest County Board of Supervisors to get new voting machines

The Forrest County Board of Supervisors and its insurer have been at odds since a tornado struck on February 10, 2013. The board met with the Forrest County Election Commission on Monday to discuss the future of waterlogged voting machines. Board President David Hogan says 100% of the machines were water damaged when the tornado ripped through the City of Hattiesburg. The insurer sent a representative to test out the machines, and while the insurer says many of the machines are fine, Hogan has his doubts.

"Forrest County is not gonna conduct an election with storm damaged machines. We are gonna upload the integrity of the process, and regardless of what the insurance company demands manufacture what anybody else says, we're gonna have the tools necessary to conduct a proper election," David Hogan said.

The board voted, and in a 4-1 decision, approved the election commissions' budget, which will include 260 new voting machines for 2014 elections. The cost will amount to about $250,000.

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