Golden Eagles lose 22nd straight game, fall 41-7 to FAU

Southern Miss only gained 189 yards on offense in their 41-7 loss to the FAU Owls.
Southern Miss only gained 189 yards on offense in their 41-7 loss to the FAU Owls.

In front of an alleged 20,802 fans, Southern Miss lost their 22nd straight game and at least two people couldn't bear to show their faces, but the leader of the Golden Eagles program saw everything up-close and personal.

"It always comes back to the same things. Playing good football, taking care of the football and playing hard," Head Coach Todd Monken said in the team's postgame press conference.

"I think our guys have played hard, I think they've fought, but we haven't taken care of the other two areas and that's where you're not gonna give yourself chance to be successful."

Quarterback Nick Mullens recognized the team's need to improve.

"You go from week-to-week and just take it step-by-step. Certainly it's frustrating as a team. We can collectively get better, but it's just a growing process. We just gotta get better, execute better each week. It's all about improvement."

For a defense that gave up 333 yards on the ground, junior Dasman McCullum says the head coach's message to his players after the game was simple.

"When you turn the ball over and miss tackles you're bound to not get the results you want and the results we wanted didn't come. Just have to make the corrections tomorrow and keep working hard."

Monken relayed that message at the end of the game.

"When you allow the ball to go downhill you're gonna get gouged. We allowed the ball too often on defense to go downhill and that was obvious. Gotta do a better job there."

From turnovers to dropped passes, some fans have suggestions for Monken, but he knows there's one thing they can't call his team.

"There's a lot of things you can be called. Don't ever be called a quitter. You're a quitter, you're never successful in anything in life. I don't care what it is.

"So that's one thing that we constantly talk about. How you fight how you continue to persevere and then you'll be successful in life. The moment you quit you're in trouble and we're in trouble."

FAU only attempted 12 passes for 35 yards.

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