Petal opts out of contract with Southern Pines Animal Shelter

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - The Petal Board of Alderman voted last week to not renew their contract to take in surrendered and stray animals, instead they signed a similar contract with the Hub City Humane Society.

At the board meeting last week, the cities' animal warden expressed concerns over some of the procedures at the shelter. Those concerns included euthanasia procedures, lack of shelter for animals brought in after hours, and frequency of when cages were cleaned. Theresa Venette, shelter manager, says she is shocked by the allegations, saying conditions at the shelter are the best they ever been.

"We run a great facility. The animals have room to run, to be free and out in the open air and can be in the heat and air conditioning when they need it," said Venette. "We adequately care for the animals and have done so for years."

Venette says losing this will not put a financial hardship on the shelter. She says this will drop their intake by 500-600 animals, which help reduce their euthanasia rate by 10-percent. She says their main concern is for the welfare of the animals that will be taken by Hub City.

"They're now going to be sending 550-600 animals to a very small shelter where animals are housed in crates inside buildings."

Petal residents may still surrender animals at Southern Pines, however without the contract the intake fee will go from $15 to $30.

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