Voter uses vacant Hattiesburg lot as residency

Mamie Kim Johnson claimed this vacant lot as her place of residence in the Hattiesburg elections.
Mamie Kim Johnson claimed this vacant lot as her place of residence in the Hattiesburg elections.

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The residency of a Lamar County assistant school teacher is under the microscope after she claims a vacant lot as her place of residence for voter registration.

Mamie Kim Johnson lives in a duplex apartment on Leeville Road in Petal and told WDAM she recently moved there after living in a trailer at 15 South Hills Drive in Hattiesburg. She also said she has lived and voted in Hattiesburg all her life. However, records do not align with her claim.

The South Hills Drive address, which is used as her voter residency, is a vacant lot, filled with pine trees and tall grass. Johnson says she was living in a trailer there until three or four months ago when she moved to Petal. However, the Hattiesburg water department said records indicate that no water has been consumed at that address since 2005, and after a walk-through of the property Thursday afternoon, no water meter was even found on the lot.

According to Forrest County property records, Mamie and Clarence Johnson pay taxes on the South Hills Drive address, but their mailing address is listed as Darby Road in Rawl Springs.  The records also indicate there was a double wide mobile home on the South Hills property until its deletion from the system in 2008, but a Google maps image from 2007 shows no mobile home on the property.

Johnson's mailing address has been Darby Road in Rawl Springs since at least 2005, yet a special warranty deed shows that home was sold by a mortgage company to another couple in July 2012. Johnson's place of residency since July 2012 remains in question. She claims she just recently moved to Petal, but according to Petal water records, Johnson has paid the water bill on Leeville Road since August 2012- the month after the Darby Road property was sold.

There is no record of Johnson's husband voting in either election.  According to the county voter rolls, Clarence L. Johnson listed his voting address as 15 South Hills Drive in January 2013, but on May 31, his voting address had been changed to Leeville Road in Petal.

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