Mississippians take part in National Adoption Month and adopt a child

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - November is National Adoption Month and on Thursday several residents from different counties in Mississippi celebrated the month by providing loving homes to several children.

"It's just a really exciting day today for these families to open their arms and their hearts to these children," said Chancery Judge of the 10th Chancery District, Dawn Beam. 

One by one, families went up to Chancery Judge Beam and finalized their adoption and made a child one of their own.

Thanks to the several families that participated in the adoption, many children now have mother and a father.

"I don't have to go around saying oh they're my foster parents anymore, I can say those are my parents," said Tara Campbell. 

Not only do they officially have a family, but they plan to be on their best behavior.

"I want to say I'm going to be good and helpful and be nice and stuff," said Akerix Simmons. 

Overall, it was a day that the children and their parents will always remember.

"When you look and you lay your head down at night and you look at the situation and you know that you've helped out a child, that you've been a blessing to their life that they've had the opportunity that they wouldn't have otherwise, it makes all the difference, it really does," said adoptive parent, Matthew Campbell.

The mass adoption was held in the Forrest County Chancery Courthouse.

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