Hattiesburg Planning Commission approves next phase of Twin Forks Rising

The Hattiesburg planning commission voted unanimously Wednesday; giving the go-a-head for the $80,000 phase two of the Twins Forks Plan Wednesday.

Recently, the Hattiesburg City Council approved the $80,000 funds for the revitalization project pending the vote of the planning commission at their weekly Wednesday meeting. The commission was all in favor allowing phase two to go ahead.

The Twin Forks Master Plan is a project designed to revitalize Hattiesburg's Ward 2 by developing infrastructure to curb the flooding from the Leaf and Bouie Rivers. Moving the flood plain would increase property value and make land more insurable.

According to the master plan document distributed by Thompson Engineering and Billies partners, The plan also accounts for redevelopment of the areas near Mobile and Bouie Street.

The Twin Forks Plan is the brain-child of Ward 2 Councilwoman Deborah Delgado. Delgado said she has spent over eight years seeing the project through.  According to Delgado, she hopes the revitalization of Ward 2 will increase investment and economic development in the area.

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