Governor's Job Fair Network of Mississippi hits the Pine Belt

Dozens of companies across the state turned out on Wednesday for the Governor's job fair.

"I've been a cable contractor for some 16 years now. I've done anything from installs to sales and collections," said Heath Stevens.

Since cable companies are no longer the gatekeepers for the best content, he searches for new work.

"If you don't ask, you'll never know," Stevens said.

"Dad always said a closed mouth will never get fed, so if you're hungry, you better open your mouth."

With the unemployment rate in Mississippi at eight and a half percent, Adam Todd, Director of the Governor's Job Fair, is stepping in to help.

"This is a first line of defense. We help individuals connect the dots when it comes to unemployment," Todd said.

"We do about 25 of these events a year throughout the state of Mississippi. We are trying to let individuals know what organizations are hiring."

In a press release on, the mayor of Hattiesburg stated that the City of Hattiesburg is known worldwide for its low unemployment rate, and that it exists because the city takes advantage of existing opportunities to ensure the financial stability of residents.

He added that a community is always at its best when every family is thriving.