Petal resident expresses outrage over water, sewer bill

About a month ago, the City of Petal raised their water and sewer rates for the first time in 6 years. Petal residents received their first new water bill on Monday. Petal Mayor Hal Marx says the increase should not drastically affect residents.

"If their regular bill, everything else being equal, it should only go up at the most nine dollars," Marx said.

One Petal mother of two and caretaker of one says an increase could mean a weekly trip to the laundromat for her family.

The increase was supposed to be a nine dollar flat rate to cover costs and my water bill has gone up by approximately sixteen dollars, so that was a major shock.

"I am basically used to washing my clothes, letting my kids bathe and play in the water and now I'm wondering if I need to go to the laundry mat to do my laundry so that I can afford the water," Dixie Bergeron said.

She says she has one disappointment.

"The mayor being dishonest. To begin with. Stating that there would only be a nine dollar increase in the sewer treatment, and that was not how it was done," Bergeron said.

Those with a fixed income could see one thousand gallons of water less than what they're used to seeing.

"You could use 3,000 gallons, and now you can use 2,000 gallons," Bergeron said.

Hal Marx adds that WastePro is now handling Petal's garbage to offset the water and sewerage hike.

"Their bill will go down around two dollars. If we had continued to do it we probably would have had to go up another dollar or two, really, in the long run, we're probably going to save probably three or four dollars a month on garbage. All in all, the most people should see is a nine dollar increase," Marx said.