Plans for Ellisville building demolition in the works

Community center building in Ellisville
Community center building in Ellisville

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - The old community center building of Ellisville has been vacant for over 15 years and city officials have decided that it's time to clear the land for something that will benefit its citizens.

The Board of Supervisors gave the quit deed for the property to the city on Monday morning and now plans are in the works to demolish the building and build a park in its place.

"We need a new park in the area, a place for young people to go and enjoy themselves inside the city," said Mayor Tim Waldrup.  "The next step is to evaluate the city's needs and finances."

The mayor said that the existing concrete foundation will most likely be salvaged in order to build a pavilion.  The existing building is suspected to have asbestos in it and will be checked before demolition occurs.  The property's original deed was made back in 1962.

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