VFW Auxillary President visits Collins VA

It was more than a typical day of bingo for residents at the Collins Veteran's Home. War veterans and students from Camp Shelby played games and spent time with the National Leadership of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

FVW Auxillary President Armithea "Sissy" Borel spoke to residents individually about their experiences on foreign soil. After making opening remarks, veterans presented her with a flag flown over the capital building in Jackson, as well as a hand painted picture crafted by VA residents. Borel says she feels humbled to work closely with those who have fought for our country.

"My sole purpose is to give whatever I can to them, and to have them hand me a present that they had made. Something that they purposely signed. It caught me so off guard, that you cant find the words to say thank you enough," Borel said.

Laurie Williamson, President of the Mississippi VFW chapter echoed Borel's sentiments.

"They've given so much for us, it's only fitting for us to give back to them any time that we can," Williamson said.

If you'd like to become a member of the VFW women's chapter of Mississippi, you must be a female family member or foster member related to any veteran of a foreign conflict on foreign soil.

There are 16 women who can join on any 1 veteran. For more information on eligibility or volunteerism, visit VFW3036.org.