Hattiesburg police officer suspended for not apologizing to mayor

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A Hattiesburg police officer is on suspension indefinitely for refusing to apologize to Mayor Johnny DuPree regarding a traffic incident last week, sources said.

Sources both inside and outside HPD said that the officer apparently sounded his siren after pulling up behind a car blocking the right-of-way on Hall Avenue. The driver of the car was talking to an occupant of another car that was pulled off on the shoulder of the road.

Sources said the occupant of that second car was Mayor DuPree, and the driver of the car blocking the road pulled onto the shoulder allowing the officer to pass.

According to individuals with knowledge of the case, Chief Frazier Bolton suspended the officer after he refused an order to apologize to the mayor.

HPD spokesman, Lt. Jon Traxler, confirmed the officer was suspended for insubordination but refused to discuss details of the incident. Traxler says the officer will remain suspended until internal affairs completes their investigation.

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