Senator McDaniel: ACA “needs to be repealed immediately”

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Senator Chris McDaniel says Affordable Care Act also known as ObamaCare, is a terrible program.

The website has captured the nation's attention with its recent glitches and putting an end to ObamaCare is one of the reasons McDaniel says he's currently campaigning for one of Mississippi's seats in the U.S. Senate. He says it's no surprise the ObamaCare website has had widespread problems.

"We always knew that ObamaCare was structurally unsound, we knew its assumptions were unsound, it's a terrible program, it's a terrible piece of legislation, it needs to be repealed immediately," said State Senator Chris McDaniel. "None of this is a surprise to us, we knew there were going to be problems, it's just that the problems is just going to get worst unless we do something about it, so that's one of the reasons we're running. We are going to put a stake through the heart of ObamaCare once and for all."

McDaniel was at the University of Southern Mississippi on Saturday tailgating and campaigning.

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