Columbia Academy celebrates homecoming

Columbia Academy celebrates its annual homecoming with an elaborate homecoming parade through the heart of downtown. The parade has been going on for over 30-years and is major event filled with pomp and circumstance.
Homecoming Queen Greta Carley says, "The parade and the floats, its just a major deal." On-lookers line the streets to gaze upon the spectacle and long-lived tradition that is the Columbia Academy Homecoming. Proud friends and family snap photos of the their loved ones and reminisce the years past when they marched in the parade. "Its an amazing honor," Carley says as she greets the crowds. She says it's a day she'll never forget, and it takes a lot of time and people to build and decorate the elaborate floats. "It starts out with the building process which can start up to 6 weeks in advance and then the last week friends and students come together and pomp it and we have big pomping parties. Just have a good time", the CA senior says.
Every grade, sports team, and student organization has a float. The cheerleaders and mascot march to foster the homecoming spirit. And homecoming day at Columbia Academy begins with a morning ceremony to honor the entire homecoming court before talk turns football. Carley says, "In the morning ceremony they introduce all the maids and we get flowers from each of our classmates and we just take a bunch of pictures and then it goes into our homecoming pep rally." Many in the community chip into make sure the day goes off with out a hitch and continue this very special tradition to pass on memories Carley says will last a lifetime. "Every little girl dreams of it and I definitely didn't expect it so I was really excited. It's been and amazing day"