Jones County woman stabs friend in head

Alicia Rachee Jones, a 23-year-old female from Jones County, is being charged with aggravated assault and extreme indifference to life for stabbing her friend.

Jones County Sheriff's Department Investigator Sgt. Tonya Madison says the drama between Jones and her friend began over a stolen cell phone last Thursday. The victim left town for the weekend; but, when she returned, Jones lashed out.

On October 22, the women got into a physical altercation when Jones pulled out a knife, slashing the victim's forehead, upper head, and hand. Jones also gave the victim a blow to the face with her fist.

Jones was granted a $5,000 bond; however, previous charges and an impending pre-trial for felony shoplifting are keeping her held until the district attorney makes a decision.

According to Madison, the women were friends. Jones resides at Long Oak apartments. The victim decided to press charges a few days after the incident occurred.