Two Marion County men arrested for passing off funny money at the fair

Passing off counterfeit cash at the Washington Parish Fair got two Marion County men locked up in Louisiana.

Both 25-year-old Rico Haynes and 18-year-old Kelsey Collins were arrested at the Franklinton, LA, fair after a vendor spotting the two spending the fake money.

Washington Parish Sheriff Deputies took Haynes and Collins into custody and found almost $3,000 worth of the funny money. The secret service is investigating the incident and both are charged with monetary instrument abuse.

Detective Mike Cooper of the Columbia Police Department who assisted the secret service in their investigation says, "I was contacted by a couple of agents with the secret service. They apparently recovered several thousand dollars worth of counterfeit bills at the Franklinton fair. The bills were pretty elaborate. They aren't the typical counterfeit bills that we see locally."

Detective Cooper wants people to be mindful that some of the counterfeit bills these two have passed off may still be floating around the area.