Gang members plead guilty to possession of firearm, drugs

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Two gang members pleaded guilty to possession of a fire arm, and possession with intent to distribute more than 50 grams of methamphetamine on Wednesday in Hattiesburg.

Jack Daniel Bynum and David Vanderslice of the Simon City Royals gang changed their pleas from "not guilty" to "guilty" for both charges at the William M. Colmer Federal Building and United States Courthouse.

The Simon City Royals were founded in the Lakeview area of Chicago circa 1968.

According to court documents, from July 2009 to now, Bynum, known as" Sir Thug," and Vanderslice, known as "Sir Love," along with others, conspired and agreed to commit possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine.

In July 2008, Vanderslice possessed a stolen firearm.  He pleaded guilty to both counts on Wednesday.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Annette Williams said during the change of plea hearing that an undercover official exchanged text messages with Bynum.  The undercover official, who posed as a drug buyer, asked for a specific amount of methamphetamine and ecstasy.  When the undercover official arrived at Bynum's apartment, Bynum said he did not have enough ecstasy requested. Bynum then directed the buyer to someone he said could provide him with the right amount, and that led to the arrest of Vanderslice.  Both could face ten years in prison at the January 16 sentencing.

The arrest of Bynum and Vanderslice relate to the arrest of Jason Bullock, the alleged Mississippi gang leader of the Simon City Royals.

Bullock was charged with racketeering conspiracy for alleged offenses including attempted murder, kidnapping, and more.

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