Student-run restaurant hits Laurel

A new restaurant is open for business in Laurel, and it's being operated by a group of high schoolers at Laurel High School.

The idea was brought about by a program called "Mississippi ProStart," a branch of the National Restaurant Educational Foundation. Laurel High School utilizes the ProStart curriculum to help students find their career path.

Grady Griffin, MS Prostart Representative, says the curriculum is like no other.

"Here at Laurel High School, we've got two instructors utilizing that curriculum, and they are one of 44 programs across the state that enrolls over 1,500 students," Griffin said.

Rodrick Hollins, Culinary Arts Instructor for Laurel High School, says he's passionate about his teachings.

"I love it, I love it. Everything that I've learned, I've been able to give it to so many people. These students come in sometimes and they don't feel like working so my job is more than cooking. It's about preparing these students for life," Hollins said.

The restaurant is named "The Tavern" and the coffee shop is called "The Brewrista." The menu includes hamburgers, fries, cheeseburgers, chicken strips, grilled chicken salad and fried chicken salad.

For more info, call 601-649-4144. They encourage large orders to call in on Wednesday before 3 p.m. Debit and credit cards are not accepted. Dine in or carry out.

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