Downtown bike rack project begins

The Historic Hattiesburg downtown Association launched a new bike rack project on Friday at the Train Depot. Members of the design committee unveiled the first in a series of creative bike racks that will be scattered across the downtown area.

Representatives from Regions Bank of Hattiesburg featured their giant green bicycle for viewing.

Greg Garraway, South Mississippi area president of Regions Bank says he'ls proud to serve Downtown Hattiesburg, and explains that the bike means that Downtown Hattiesburg is on the go.

"Regions is partnering with the Downtown Association who is unveiling the downtown bicycle racks," Garraway said.

"We're happy to be part of such a dynamic project."

Tom White, President of the Historic Hattiesburg Downtown Association, encourages the community to become economically friendly.

"Regions is doing a promotion, and they have an extra large bike they brought to town for us, and we're using that opportunity to kick off a new project that our design committee came up with," White said.

The Design Committee unveiled the bike rack, which channels an art deco style. Participants entered to win a cruiser bicycle, sponsored by Regions Bank.

Betsy Rowell, Executive Director of the Historic Hattiesburg Downtown Association, announced Joy Adams as the winner of the cruiser bicycle drawing.