Columbia gets $20,000 donation toward the Interpretive Plaza Project

Columbia is one step closer to building its Interpretive Plaza thanks to a donation of $20,000 by Parkway Pipeline.

Officials with the now completed Parkway Pipeline met with the Marion County Development Partnership and Columbia officials to hand over the donation. The Interpretive Plaza is a community park project supported in part by a grant from the Department of Transportation.

The plaza will feature a miniature scale, Pearl River surrounded by a landscape design.  Allen Fore with Parkway Pipeline said, "We also wanted to make a capital contribution to a project that is important to the community. We asked the supervisors and the economic development folks, 'What's a big project that we can be part off?'  They mentioned the Interpretive Plaza. We thought that was a great idea and we are happy to donate $20,000 toward it."

Marion County Development Partnership President Jerry Frazier said, "Parkway Pipeline today helped us reach that goal by their $20,000 donation. We are very excited about Parkway and their being a partner in this project," said Fore

The Interpretive Plaza is the brainchild of the Mississippi Development Authority which conceptualized the plaza to be a green space between the Columbia City Hall and Pioneer Aerospace.

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