State Sen. McDaniel to make announcement

State Senator Dist. 42 Chris McDaniel spoke to a group of Jones County women on Tuesday about the possibility of helping him campaign for United States SEnator. McDaniel, who is a Jones County native, says those present in Tuesday's meeting have helped him become who he is today.

The Republican Women of Jones County discussed plans for McDaniel's possible candidacy for United States Senator. U.S. Senator Thad Cochran has not confirmed whether he will run for a seventh tern in November, 2014; however, Senator McDaniel is considering a Republican primary challenge. He spoke to 7 on your side after the group prayed for him.

"We talked about the possibility of running, we talked about the support, we talked about the idea of Christian leadership and the idea that prayer could be very powerful in something like this," McDaniel said.

He talked about what is most important to him.

"The Republic, and the role of the citizen in the Republic, and the idea that if the people are mad enough, and angry enough, there's nothing the establishment or the insiders can do. When the people are ready, we'll speak," he said.

He plans to announce his plans on the front steps of the Ellisville Courthouse on Thursday at 12.