Jones County Officer Shepherd makes traffic drug bust of year

Freddie Purifoy of Alabama was arrested on Sunday night for possession with intent to distribute. The arrest was made by Officer Shepherd and the JCSD K-9 officer, Shadow.

"The guys here have probably made a hundred felony narcotics arrests this year alone," said Maj. Jamie Tedford.

This is the biggest traffic drug bust of the year so far in Jones County.

The arrest was made at exit 95-C in Laurel. That's where the Jones County Sheriff's Department seized over $8,000 worth of marijuana from an out of state vehicle traveling northbound.

Major Tedford says the drug business is an epidemic, despite what marijuana enthusiasts say.

"What you do with drugs is try to combat it, because all your other stuff from your burglars to your grand larceny comes from that," Tedford said.

According to an article on, the Department of Justice made an announcement in late August that it would not prosecute marijuana crimes legal under state law.