Large crowd expected for Columbia City Council meeting

Tensions were high during the October 1 Board of Alderman Meeting in Columbia, drawing interest to the Tuesday evening meeting.

Alderman Gwen Hammond read off a list of proposals to the board being referred  to by some in the audience as a "hit list."

More than one of Hammond's proposals were vetoed by Mayor Robert Bourne. Much of the opposition in the meeting went back to a set of proposals made by the mayor over moving two police department workers to the city court, and one employee over to City Hall.

"Y' all can do what you want to about a lot of other things, but that won't change the law," said Bourne. "I am the mayor and I intend to be the mayor for the next four years."

Alderman Renee Galloway read off a list of complains and concerns from her constituents.

"We have too many police, too young from too far away to have a stable police department," said Galloway. "The city clerk should have a degree in accounting or at least a Bachelors Degree. Terminate the police chief, he does not have the leadership skills for the job."

Although many issues were discussed in the October 1 meeting, some have not been voted on. In reference to the items vetoed by the mayor, the Alderman will have a chance to overturn those vetoes with a 4 to 1 vote.

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