City takes a stand against Domestic Violence

Mayor Johnny Dupree has signed a proclamation urging the city to take a stand to "Stop the silence, end the violence."

"And hold the perpetrator's accountable for their actions against individuals in our society as a whole against our entire society," said DuPree

Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, family violence, dating abuse and intimate partner violence, is a pattern of behavior which involves the abuse of one partner against another, and according to DuPree, the city is working together to end it.

"Be there, be supportive, and help them through the process," said Camp Shelby Counselor Stephanie Dillon. "A lot of times, people are going through things where they maybe don't think they have a way out."

However, a survivor's story proves that there is a way out.

For the safety of the survivor, the source requests to remain anonymous.

"I thought that he really liked me, and as time progressed, I mean, the relationship was just so unhealthy,"she said.

Over time, she said her abuser wore her down, but would make up for the behavior through gestures.

"He would come back and be nice and give me flowers and try and do these nice things," she said. "He would act like he was just so sorry and the thing is, I believed him. "

According to the anonymous source, nothing changed and the situation got worse.

"Even if in my heart I didn't truly believe him, I convinced myself," she said. "The instances that were the most harsh were the ones where I ended up in the hospital afterwards."

The abuser beat her, broke her ribs, ripped a part of her mouth, and left her to die, but according to the source, he is in prison until 2017.

"I feel like justice has been served, in a way, but who says it's not going to continue when he gets out," she said.

According to the survivor, she wouldn't be here today without her mom.

"She was knocking on the door and said let me in, let me in, my child's in there let me in," she said. "I just knew had she not busted through that door, and if she wouldn't have put herself in harm's way to help me, we wouldn't be here right now. She is my saving grace."

After counseling sessions and therapy, the survivor is now in a healthy, stable relationship and wants to help abuse victims in any way she can.

If you are in an abusive relationship in the Hattiesburg Area, contact 601-567-1030 for help.

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