Lieutenant Governor speaks to Republican women's club in Jones County

Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves spoke to the Mississippi Republican women's club in Jones County Wednesday.

Reeves addressed issues ranging from community college budgeting to educational attainment levels. Reeves said that a hot button for the upcoming election year would be job creation.

Reeves commended Hattiesburg for gearing up General Dynamics, a fortune 100 company, which will provide as much as 1,000 jobs.

Reeves spoke about phasing out inventory taxes over a 5 year period, and how Mississippi is non competitive when trying to bring local businesses to our state.

According to Reeves, a balanced budget act passed, meaning legislation has set over $100 million aside for the state. According to Reeves, areas of funding in education have been increased because people's salaries in state government have been cut.  Mississippi legislature and Senate have received pay cuts to better education funding, according to Reeves.

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