Local lawmaker considers U.S. Senate seat

United States Senator Thad Cochran has not confirmed whether he will run for a 7th term in November, 2014; however, State Senator Chris McDaniel of Jones County is considering a Republican primary challenge.

McDaniel told 7 on your Side that Mississippians are angry about what's going on in Washington.

"We're keeping our options open," McDaniel said.

"If the people choose for us to take another direction in my political career, then we'll do that."

Even though Cochran has a large backing in the State of Mississippi, McDaniel says he's up to challenging the senator who's been in office for nearly 35 years.

"There's a number of things we could do, but the only way to win the election is to be beholden to the people of the state of Mississippi," McDaniel said.

He says he plans to address the needs of constituents from all walks of life.

"A politician or a statesman always has to be responsive to the people's will," he said.

"I don't work for some fat cat in Washington; I don't work for lobbyists in Washington. You address their needs by listening, by being around, by holding town halls, by being responsive."

Several Mississippi Republicans have been demonstrative in their support for Cochran. Henry Barbour, Washington lobbyist said McDaniel would get his head handed to him if he challenges Cochran, but McDaniel disagrees.

"If I'm no threat, then what are they afraid of? If I'm no threat, then why make a comment like that? This is what it boils down to: I'm not a bit concerned about what Washington, DC thinks about this candidacy, or this potential candidacy."

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