WDAM Viewpoint- Social media conduct

If you have visited our Facebook page or followed us on Twitter you may have noticed that the conversations amongst our followers can get heated.  I have heard your concerns as the traffic on these social media outlets increases and I would like to share our efforts for handling heated debates.

It is not our practice or policy to control or censor the exchanges between our visitors. We see these venues as public forums and regularly gain insight into what people around the Pine Belt view as the important issues. With over 48,000 fans on our Facebook page, it has certainly become a platform for lively debate and a place for you to be heard.

What we will not tolerate is offensive language or people attacking others, and those who engage in this behavior are subject to being blocked from our social media sites. We ask only that you remain civil to others when posting.

If you have not joined the conversation on our Facebook page or Twitter, I invite you to do so.

This is today's Viewpoint.