Seminary man changes course after battle with Okatoma River

Floaters on the Okatoma River may soon see more than just canoes along the route.

Stacey Revette, owner of Seminary Canoe Rental, has brought in a trackhoe to divert the water "back on its original course."

"I've lost about three and a half acres right here," says Revette of eroding land. "I think I'm doing what everybody else would be doing."

Revette says the land was de-snagged and erosion took over on the embankment. When it started to push his land back, he took the large sand mound that had built up and made sure it went away from his land.

"We're just putting it back where it used to go," says Revette. "Just trying to save my land here."

Revette says he does not have a permit for this project, but he feels he has the right to divert the water because he pays taxes on the land.

Robbie Wilburn of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality says the office visited the site Monday afternoon. He did not confirm whether or not Revette's project is legal.

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