Great American Country films in Hattiesburg

Ever wonder what it's like to have hair as long and proud as an Oklahoma wheat field?

The Great American Country channel came to town and brought its Hattiesburg native host Nan Kelley along to record the top 20 greatest "big hair" songs of all time from the Backstage Hair and Company Salon.

Nan Kelley, former Miss Mississippi and current host for the Great American Country television network in Nashville, TN, stopped to record a show in Hattiesburg on Monday.

"We are so happy to be in my hometown of Hattiesburg, Mississippi shooting our Top 20 Big Hair Video special," Kelley said."

It's a treat to showcase this area in any way, shape or form, I love coming here, I love this city."

Kelley's mother, Gloria Sumrall, is the owner of Backstage and Company Salon, situated comfortably off Hardy Street.

"And they (directors) said, '"You know what? Nobody knows this world better than you, Nan, because you grew up in a beauty shop they knew for years."' My mom is a beautician, and she has been in this community a long time doing hair,"' Kelley added.

"And they said, '"Do you think we can go to your mama's beauty shop where she works and do this special?"' And I'm like, well, heck yeah!"

Kelley says she would compare her mother to one character.

"I've always said that my momma was the Dolly Parton character from the movie "'Steel Magnolias,"' that just says it right there," she said.

After an hour of teasing, back combing and hair spraying, the shoot began. The show will air on Tuesday, October 15 on the Great American Country television station at 9 p.m. Central Time.