Hattiesburg mayor takes oath of office

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Mayor Johnny DuPree took his oath of office back in July, and after a court hearing and a special election, he took his oath of office again on Saturday. This time it wasn't at the Saenger Theatre, but on Mobile Street during the Historic Mobile Street Renaissance Festival.

The rain did not stop the City of Hattiesburg from having not its first, but its second mayoral inauguration of the year.

The inauguration ceremony began with an invocation, a musical selection, followed by a scripture reading and a special dedication. After that, it was finally time for Mayor DuPree to take his oath of office.

"The election is over, the election is over, let's move forward together," said Mayor DuPree. "Let's do what my opponent said. Let's work together, let's move forward together. I praise God for all of you all. I thank you all for blessing us for another four years. I pray that you all will help us move forward, help us move forward together, help us make the right decision, but let's do it together, let's make the decision together. You know we've proven that when we come together, the devil and hell can't stop us. God bless all of ya'll."

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