Power Academy teacher receives $10,000

A Power Academy teacher in Laurel was selected to be a member of the National Troops to Teachers program. He is one of few United States Armed Force Veterans to be selected for the program. The Troops to Teachers program is designed to recruit quality teachers for schools with a need for dedicated educators.

The program fills teacher shortages, particularly in "high need" subject areas. Today, Babineaux's class was everything but average.

Troops to Teachers came to Lt. Babineaux's seventh grade math class to present him with a check for $10,000 to honor his efforts.

Babineaux fought in wars, but on Tuesday, he fought back tears as he expressed his gratitude.

"Sometimes, veterans don't get noticed for what they do," Babineaux said.

"We sometimes get overlooked from the hard work that we put in overseas and being taken away from our families, and sometimes, that's hard. It feels good to be actually recognized for that."

Babineaux, surrounded by friends, his son, and his wife, was recognized by his students. Many chimed in, saying he incorporates games, such as Monopoly money, into his teachings.

He is a math and social studies teacher at Power Academy. He's also a graduate of the Southern Miss ROTC program, and a two time combat action Operation Iraqi war veteran.