Laurel makes arrest in a rash of burglaries

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Laurel Police are wrapping up their investigation into a series of burglaries that have struck the city in the past few weeks.

One house targeted is the home of the principal at Laurel High School. Police say they've captured one of the suspects in that case and confiscated some of the stolen goods.

Joshua Byrd,21, is behind bars. He is accused of burglarizing the home of his former high school principal, Carl Michael Day. The principal said when he got home things looked suspicious.

"Originally I thought they were still in my house and I had my two small children, so I got them to safety, said Day. Within five minutes police were on the scene."

"They were going through my house searching for someone and within 48 hours they had called me, both the chief and the Kim Stewart and the investigator and the other investigator and said we think we found your stuff already," said Day.

Investigators said they found two stolen guns and an I-pad at the home of Joshua Byrd, which belongs to principal Day. They credit the arrest to neighborhood watch.

Investigator Brandon Evans said, "Some of the people we talked to lead us to the suspects house and we had permission house and we had were recovered the stolen guns."

Investigators said, they have also confiscated several other items in connection with the rash of burglaries. Investigator Kin Stewart, encourage residents to keep a record of all their possessions in a safe place.

"Write the serial number down, all take a photo of your items put it in a safe place, said Stewart. Put it in your safe deposit box at your local bank, somewhere were you can get to it and give it to local authorities."

Police Chief Tyrone Stewart said he believes the arrest of Joshua Byrd will lead to other arrests and the return of stolen property.