DuPree pulls ahead of Ware as absentee ballots are tallied

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Incumbent Mayor Johnny DuPree pulled ahead of challenger Dave Ware Friday evening as the election commission tallied all of the absentee votes.

DuPree pulled in 531 absentee votes and Ware received 381.  This brings the new total to DuPree- 7,347, Ware-7,229, and O'Hara-29.  DuPree now has a 118 vote lead.

Counting of affidavit ballots will begin Saturday morning at 10a.m.  It's estimated that there are between 360-400 affidavit ballots submitted.

A precinct breakdown of absentee ballots is as follows...

  • Highland Park: DuPree-19, Ware-11
  • North Heights: DuPree- 3, Ware- 0
  • USM Golf Course: DuPree- 3, Ware- 25
  • Hattiesburg Intermodal Facility: DuPree 121, Ware-24
  • Grace Christian: DuPree- 38, Ware- 6
  • East 6th Street: DuPree- 77, Ware- 5
  • Wesley Manor: DuPree- 11, Ware-49
  • Thames School: DuPree-22, Ware-106
  • Blair High School: DuPree-21, Ware-11
  • Camp School: DuPree-22, Ware-46
  • Kamper Park: DuPree-8, Ware-43
  • Dixie Pine Central: DuPree-58, Ware-2
  • Rowan: DuPree-102, Ware-25
  • Timberton: DuPree-26, Ware-28

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