Affidavit ballot counting continues in Hattiesburg mayoral election

The election commissioners have completed the affidavit counting process.

The Thames affidavit box had 7 accepted ballots, and 7 rejected ballots.

The Wesley affidavit box had 6 accepted ballots, and 59 rejected.

The Timberton affidavit box had 1 accepted ballot, and 15 rejected.

The North Heights affidavit box had 2 accepted ballots, and 4 rejected ballots.

The 6th Street USO precinct affidavit box had 12 accepted ballots, and 28 rejected.

The Rowan precinct affidavit box had 61 accepted ballots, and 43 rejected.

The USM golf course precinct affidavit box had 5 accepted ballots, and 5 rejected.

The Dixie Pines precinct affidavit box had 8 accepted, and 1 rejected.

The Grace Christian precinct affidavit box had 2, accepted and 4 rejected.

The Highland Park precinct affidavit box had 40 accepted, 34 rejected and 3 curbside accepted.

The Camp school precinct affidavit box had 14 accepted, and 10 rejected.

The Train Depot precinct affidavit box had 22 accepted ballots, and 20 rejected.

The Kamper Park precinct affidavit box had 8 accepted, 11 rejected.

The Blair High School precinct affidavit box had 9 accepted, 10 rejected.

The election commissioners have finalized all of the absentee ballots.

Highland Park: DuPree 19, Ware 11

North Heights: DuPree 3

USM Golf Course: DuPree 3, Ware 25

Hattiesburg Intermodal Facility: DuPree 121, Ware 24

Grace Christian School: DuPree 38, Ware 6, O'Hara 1

East 6th Street USO Club: DuPree 77, Ware 5

Wesley Manor: DuPree 11, Ware 49

Thames School: DuPree 22, Ware 106

Blair High School: DuPree 21, Ware 11

Camp School: DuPree 22, Ware 46, O'Hara 1

Kamper Park: DuPree 8, Ware 43, O'Hara 1

Dixie Pine Central: DuPree 58, Ware 2

Rowan School: DuPree 102, Ware 25

Timberton: DuPree 26, Ware 28

The updated totals before the affidavit ballots are DuPree 7,347 Ware 7,229.