Voter says someone voted in his place

Imagine going to the polls to vote only to be told you've already voted.

A Hattiesburg resident named Marvin Allen says he was forced to cast an affidavit ballot after someone illegally voted in his name.

"They pulled up my name and said I had already voted, but I hadn't voted... Yet," Marvin Allen said.

After months of trials, controversy and voter irregularities, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann stepped in to oversee the innerworkings of the Hattiesburg special election for mayor. It appeared that the next election would be without corruption, but some continue to break the law.

"My wife voted a different candidate than I did, and at first I didn't think it was nothing... But now I can see what people are talking about."

Allen said he walked away from the Sigler Center precinct feeling defeated.

"I've never voted for mayor... This is my first time. And it seems like it don't even make no difference. No sense... That's how I feel," Allen said.

He added that he has lost faith in the election system in Hattiesburg. Since September 24 was the first time in his 25 years as a Hattiesburg resident to cast a vote in the mayor's race. He said he's unsure about how many times someone has voted in his place before the special election.

In the general election in June, one man said the same thing happened to him while he was in Texas.