Hattiesburg Rotary Club donates dictionaries

The Rotary Club of Hattiesburg-Sunrise provided almost 400 dictionaries to the Hattiesburg Public School District on Monday.

The Rotary Club made the dictionary presentation in a third grade classroom for the eighth year in a row. Many students expressed excitement upon receiving their new learning tools. Tom Heanue, Rotary Club of Hattiesburg-Sunrise Executive Director says there's nothing more gratifying than owning a dictionary.

"I think it's very important that we don't lose the concept that there are things called books still and we get too locked up in Smart Phones and cell phones," Heanue said.

"You have to understand, too, there are a lot of children in our area that do not have the Internet and do not have Google and all those things, so a book is still probably the most important thing that you can have and to learn to use."

Each child is expected to use their new dictionary in the classroom during regular school hours, and during after school studies.