WDAM Viewpoint- Exercise your right to vote Tuesday

The special election for the next mayor of Hattiesburg will be held this coming Tuesday September the 24th. And while this election has garnered much attention over the past few months, the citizens of Hattiesburg should be the focus now.

This Tuesday is your opportunity to declare who will lead this city into the future. Our role at WDAM, as advocate for the people of the Pine Belt, is to bring you the latest information and present it in a clear and balanced format. Now it is your turn to make your voice heard.

If you plan to be away on Tuesday, you can vote absentee at Hattiesburg City Hall up until noon on Saturday. If you are mailing your ballot it must be received by 5 p.m. on Monday the 23rd. We encourage you to exercise your voting right and remember every single vote counts.

This is today's viewpoint.