Petal considers private sanitation services

The city of Petal will consider a private sanitation company in Thursday night's city hall meeting.

According to Mayor Hal Marx, it is very likely for a vote to pass to move to a private garbage collection called Waste Pro.

"We think it's going to allow us to provide a quality collections services, a lower price, and also help the city with our general fund," Marx said.

According to Marx, citizens are paying about 17 dollars a month for their trash pick up. With Waste Pro, the total will be $15.25.

"Now, that may not sound like a lot, but we also know we are going up on our water and sewer, so we're trying to offset that as much as possible," Marx said.

Even though this will be better for residents, those who currently work hard to keep the city clean may not be in the best spot.

"We have about nine employees right now in our sanitation department, and they will probably hire about four of those employees. So there will be four or five that will have to find other jobs, but they do have several weeks now to be looking for others jobs," Marx said.

According to Marx, Waste Pro has promised jobs to those who are willing to relocate to another city that has a partnership with Waste Pro services.

The city will also be able to sell their equipment to Waste Pro, which would bring in about $330,000. Mayor Marx and Dale Nutting, who is the assistant public works director, both confirmed that services would run as usual.

Both Marx and Nutting said if there is any change in route, the customers would be notified.