West Canebrake Boulevard remains closed while tests are done on dam

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The road over the dam on West Canebrake Boulevard remains closed. It was shutdown Monday after several cracks were discovered in the road.

Lamar County Engineer Don Walker says they are monitoring the situation night and day to see if any further damage occurs. He says they noticed a few wet spots at the bottom of the slope of the dam, but says that is not unusual and does not mean the water is coming from the dam.

A Jackson based geo-technical and mechanical engineering firm has been brought in to do testing and analysis on the dam. Next week two holes will be drilled on the upstream and downstream sides of the dam so they can test for lateral movement. Tests will also be done to monitor for vertical movement of the slope.

As a precaution the water on the lake has been lowered.

Walker says they will have a better idea next week on when they will be able to reopen the road.

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