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Upset mom: Son inappropriately questioned about high school 'rape mob'

(WMC-TV) - Students at a DeSoto County school are facing severe consequences for a locker room prank that has a lot of parents asking questions.

DeSoto County Schools considers the prank that happened after a gym class as "horseplay". But parents are concerned that it is hazing that crossed the line.

Natasha Christopher is not happy with leaders at Olive Branch Middle School after she learned that her child's class was forced to answer some disturbing questions following an incident Tuesday.

"That's disturbing to find out your child is being asked personal questions and no one contacted me," she said. "Some of these questions were very personal. Have you been shoved to the ground? Have you been held down? Have you been touched inappropriately? Have you ever had the lights turned off in the locker room on you?"

Christopher's son, who is in sixth grade, told her the questions were asked after at least two boys in his class were hazed by older students while the lights were off in the locker room.

"Somebody would yell 'rape mob' and grab a student," she explained.

Christopher is not sure what happened to the students, but became disgusted when she heard the questions her son was asked the next day.

She fears for her child's safety around older students, particularly in the locker room. She also wants better communication from the school.

"They should be letting the parents know what's going on so we can talk to our kids, give them advice, let them know if this happens to you what you should do," she said.

DeSoto County Schools responded by sending a letter home to parents. They also released the following statement to the media:

"A group of five students at Olive Branch Middle School will face severe consequences for inappropriate behavior where they had horseplay with other students after gym class. Added personnel will more closely monitor students when classes are dismissing. The students acting inappropriately admitted they acted badly and were remorseful. It was explained to the children involved that while they may consider this a joke, it is not, and the school takes it seriously. Parents of all students involved in the 15-second incident were contacted."

Five students are being penalized and the district promises to have additional personnel to monitor students during class changes.

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