4th Street businesses file suit against City of Hattiesburg

Seventeen owners, landlords, and lessees of businesses located on 4th Street in Hattiesburg, near the intersection of 4th Street and U.S. Highway 49, have filed a suit against the City of Hattiesburg.

The businesses are filing a suit due to construction that's been ongoing in front of their buildings for months.

According to the suit, since April, the city has blocked off and closed an entire mile on 4th Street while only working a distinctly small tract of land for days at a time. Co-owner to Fat Boys Tobacco Shop, Ragie Yehia, says the construction has negatively affected his business by about 50%.

Along with Fat Boys Tobacco Shop, owner of Southern Styles Salon, Nicole Rankin, says the construction has definitely slowed business down at the beauty shop.

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