Democrats across Hattiesburg rally for Ware

Dozens of people across Hattiesburg rallied around independent candidate for mayor Dave Ware this evening. Most of the people at Tuesday night's rally were from the Democratic Party. The Democrats for Dave Coalition announced their support of Dave Ware as the next mayor of Hattiesburg.

The rally included a press conference, featuring remarks from prominent members of the Democratic Party, and Dave Ware himself. Lifelong Democratic supporter Brown Miller opened up the conference by putting his political viewpoints aside to announce his support for Dave Ware.

"For 41 years, I have lived in Hattiesburg, I have never and I will not start now, supporting rotten corruption in any political party," Miller said.

Citizens stepped out for the first time to vocalize their opinions about events leading up to the Sept. 24 special election.

"The time he helped keep folks' lights on, and he didn't want his name to be attached to it. There were times when I was at church on Sunday preaching, and he and his family walked in, being the only Caucasian family in there," Reverend Allen Bolton said.

"They still clapped their hands, they joined right in, his children played with Afro-American children, out in the yard and that let you know that they've been taught this at home."

Then Ware stepped forward.

"Now, we can continue on with the failed politics in the past, or we can choose to reach out and say '"no longer is going to be good enough here in Hattiesburg."'

Former Hattiesburg mayoral candidate Nathan Jordan also endorsed Ware at Tuesday evening's press conference.

Election Day is Sept. 24.