WDAM Viewpoint - Heatstroke deaths of children in vehicles

So far this year 40 children have died in the U.S. as a result of being left alone in cars in the searing heat.

With more of these tragic deaths making the news you would hope more people are aware of this danger. But in fact the number is growing year to year from 33 deaths across the country in 2012.

Earlier this month a 3-year-old in Stone County was found dead in a car parked outside a residence. The temperature inside a closed vehicle can soar 40 and even 50 degrees above the outside temperature. Way too hot for anyone inside. Parents must slow down, be more careful if you drive young children make it a habit to check the vehicle every time you exit. And remember it is never safe to leave a child unattended, even for a few minutes.

This is today's viewpoint.