Secretary of State visits Hattiesburg

The secretary of state made a visit to Hattiesburg just one week from the special mayoral election.

Secretary Delbert Hosemann came to Hattiesburg to train the five election commissioners before the September 24th election. Hosemann said staffers will be at all 14 precincts on election day.

According to city officials, there will be over 100 poll watchers. Hosemann also made it clear that he would be in Hattiesburg for the special election.

"We are here, and have been working on making sure that we run an election and not a circus in Hattiesburg," Hosemann said.  "We will be in the polls when they open up, and we will be there when they close."

Hosemann also said that he and the secretary of state's office are not the "election police," and that it is the election commissioners job to run the election.

Hosemann stressed that the people of Hattiesburg deserve a fair and clean election.

For any concerns at the polls, or problems throughout the election contact 1-800-829-6786.