Sweeteas kick off new year with pajamas and pearls party

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Forrest General's Spirit of Women kicked off a new year for their Sweeteas with a Pj's and Pearls party on Saturday.

More than 100 little girls in grades Pre-K through 6 attended the event at the Hattiesburg Zoo's new Flamingo Pavilion. Parents and their daughters enjoyed a breakfast with their pajamas and pearls and also had a zoo encounter. The event allowed parents to learn more about the Sweeteas and also gave them the opportunity to register their daughters to the club.

Sweeteas is an organization through Forrest General's Spirit of Women.," said Sweeteas Coordinator, Jennifer Gunn. "They're our youngest group of girls and the way I describe it best it's kind of like a little Girl Scout troop but with a touch of southern grace. We're learning things like manners, how to get involved in the community at a young age and also health facts for these young ladies so they can start early on learning about health and taking care of themselves."

Sweeteas registration ends September 27. If you would like your daughter to be part of the Sweeteas Club contact Jennifer Gunn at 601-288-3372.

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